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Custom Shutters and Blinds in Indianapolis, Indiana

Beautiful Shutter in Iiving Room


Shutters are the perfect option for homeowners with a vision. They can be custom made and designed to fit your exact wishes. That means you won’t have to compromise anything. You can get exactly what you want. Shutters also add value to your home because of their durability, privacy and timeless style.


Blinds are perhaps the most common choice for window coverings. That’s because they’re highly functional and come in many styles and colors. So no matter what look you’re going for, we can help you find the option that will work the best. With a variety of styles and price ranges available, blinds make a great option for any homeowner.

Motorized Screens

Welcome to the future of window coverings. With our motorized screens, you can have shade at the touch of a button. So if you’re watching a movie and the sun is causing a glare on the screen, you can cover the window without having to move. You can also set them on a timer, so they will automatically go up or down at certain times of the day.

Shades and Draperies

Shades and drapes are not only practical but stylish too. These are perhaps the most affordable option, but they’re functional too. Shades and drapes do a fantastic job at blocking the sun and allowing you some privacy. You can also get them in a variety of colors, patterns and even textures. Customize your look without breaking the bank. Call to get started.

Pick the Best Fit

When it comes down to it, all of your options are good. It really just depends on what you want, and what your style is. Let the friendly team at American Heritage Shutters help you pick out the right option for your home. Swing by our store or contact a member of our team to get started.